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If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing half-ass’d.

We often tell ourselves that we’ve got to “do the thing” fully, completely, and give it our best. I disagree. Doing it at all is often the biggest hurdle. Sometimes “doing the thing” at the minimum amount will have great results.

My ten minute jog concept comes into play. People say a ten minute jog is “like nothing.” And they’re right in the best way! It’s like nothing- only ten minutes door to door, I do it in plain clothes, but at the end of it I’ve actually done something!

Do this everyday of the week and you might have that ten mile run in the books!

Same applies for much in our health. No time for a yoga session- do a sun salutation. Binging on junk- drink a big glass of water. You name it and try it today. What small thing can you do that is "like nothing" that is actually something!


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