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Change of Plans? Empathize, Get Curious and Take Action

Plans change. And an unwelcome change of plans can be tough to deal with.

Have you had an unwelcome change of plans lately? I have! Here’s an example I was able to laugh at: After several ride cancellations due to weather, Flagstaff Lady Shredders scheduled a ski date and an indoor cycling event last month. Both canceled! They aren’t always easy to laugh off, though, so here are three tips to help you deal with a change of plans.

  1. Empathy: When plans change, it's important to first acknowledge any feelings that may arise. It's natural to feel disappointment, frustration, or even anger when things don't go as expected. Having empathy means recognizing these emotions and allowing yourself to feel them, while also being mindful of how others involved in the situation may be feeling. By showing empathy, you can create a space where everyone's feelings are validated and respected.

  2. Get curious: After acknowledging your emotions, it's helpful to approach the situation with curiosity. Instead of dwelling on what could have been, ask yourself questions such as: "What are the new possibilities that have opened up?" "How can I make the most of this situation?" By being curious, you can shift your perspective and find new opportunities that you may not have considered before.

  3. Take action: Finally, once you have acknowledged your emotions and approached the situation with curiosity, it's time to take action. This can involve adapting your plans to fit the new circumstances, reaching out to others for support or guidance, or simply taking the first step towards a new goal. By taking action, you can regain a sense of momentum, which can help you move forward with a new plan.

How do you deal with a change of plans?


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