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Lose Weight Fast- By Slowing Down

Here’s a 3 part tip for people who want to lose weight fast, and it requires slowing down. You may be able to drop some pounds by changing HOW you eat, not what you eat.

I call it the 20-20-20 technique.

First, commit to a 20 minute meal. Have you ever eaten a meal in less than 5 minutes? For many of us the answer is YES! Set a timer and commit to 20 minutes of meal time. Sit down, put your meal on a plate and get utensils. Turn off your distracting devices so you can be present as you eat.

Next, invite 20 seconds of reflection prior to eating. This could look like saying grace, taking a few deep breaths, or a long moment of observation: smell your food, take in your surroundings, appreciate the moment.

Finally chew each bite of food for 20 chews. Have you ever felt like you were inhaling your food? Imagine this as the opposite. Chewing your food for 20 chews helps ease the digestive process and creates space for you to feel satisfied by your food.

Give the 20-20-20 technique a shot and see if you can lose weight fast by slowing down.


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