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Try Something New for a Fit Mind and Body

Trying new things is HEALTHY! It’s good for your brain and your body.

When we engage in novel activities or experiences, our brain forms new neural connections and pathways, which can improve memory, cognitive flexibility, and problem-solving skills. This can reduce the risk of cognitive decline later in life and help us “wise up” without getting old. Additionally, trying new things can boost creativity and innovation by helping us break out of old habits and patterns and think outside the box.

Beyond the cognitive benefits, trying new things can also have positive impacts on our emotional and physical wellbeing. Engaging in new activities can help us build resilience and adaptability, as we learn to navigate unfamiliar terrain and overcome obstacles. This can lead to greater confidence and self-esteem, which can create a positive feedback loop of motivation and growth. Additionally, trying new exercises or physical activities can provide a range of physical health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular health, increased strength and flexibility, and reduced stress levels.

And trying new things doesn’t have to be super-challenging. New foods or a new route to work can be starting points to stretch your mental flexibility. I got on my mountain bike this week and tried some new lines on a rock move.

What new thing are you ready to try?

If you're inspired to try something new on your bike, connect with me through @sedonamountainbikeacademy or @flagstaffladyshredders.


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